Tuesday , April 23 2019

Latest Al Tayer Jobs in UAE

About us
Established in 1979, the Al-Tire Group is a private-diversified enterprise operating in 12 countries across the Middle East and beyond. With over 9,000 employees from more than a hundred different nationalities, the capital of the group Dubai and UAE.

Al Taylor Group is the leading and quality luxury lifestyle retail, retail, perfumes, cosmetics distribution, engineering and investor contracts for auto market and service. There are also portfolios in the leading brands of the world such as Armani, Bilgiri, Banana Republic, Ford, Ferrari, Gochi, Gap, Harvey Nichols and Maserati.

Work at al tayar
When you join the Al Taylor group, we become part of a family that promotes creative thinking, text, team spirit and all of our work. Every day you will be able to work well and have a high excitement with people who believe in you.

We have great learning and development programs aimed at building your career at all levels. Whether we’re in stores or head office in our showrooms, we will help you understand your talents and talents. After all, the best investment you make is in yourself.

Al Tayer Group also offers a range of engagement operations. Something exciting that’s always exciting to drive you from sports to community outreach.

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