Saturday , June 10 2023

How to download tenancy contract in UAE

For anyone who wants to have a legal stay in UAE, it is necessary to have a valid tenancy contract. This rental agreement binds both the landlord and tenant detailing all the related terms and conditions. It helps in avoiding any legal complications or misunderstandings. So having a tenancy contract is important and it is always good to keep a copy of your contact.

In UAE, different Emirates use different systems to register the tenancy contract.

How to download tenancy contract in Dubai?

Dubai is one of largest emirate and is offering the best services for the tenants. The Ejari certificate is the registered tenancy contract for all the tenants in Dubai. To download there are few methods. They are:

Dubai Land Department

  • Go to Dubai Land Department website
  • Click on Download Ejari Certificate on the homepage
  • Select View details
  • Enter Ejari contract number
  • Enter DEWA premise number
  • Tick on the security pop-up box showing “I’m not robot”
  • Click on Download

Dubai Rest App

  • Download the Dubai Rest App on Play Store or App Store
  • Go to services
  • Search for Ejari certificate in search bar
  • From the list of options, Select Download certificate
  • Press on Proceed to service
  • Enter the contract number and DEWA number
  • Click on Download

UAE Pass App

  • Install the UAE Pass app on App Store or Play Store
  • Create an account
  • Select Documents from the menu bar
  • Press on ‘+’ icon and select Dubai Land Department
  • Click on Tenancy Contract
  • If the certificate is issued, the UAE Pass App will send you a notification. After that, go to the documents section
  • Select view tenancy contract

This way you could view the contract.

How to download tenancy agreement in Abu Dhabi?

Similarly, in Abu Dhabi to regulate the tenancy related services a system called Tawtheeq is introduced by the Abu Dhabi’s Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT). Unlike Ejari, here all the registration is done by the owners. Only after completing the registration, the contract can be viewed or downloaded.

To view or download, it is necessary for the tenants to create a Smart Hub account. After creating an account, login to the Smart Hub website using your UAE Pass account. If you don’t have UAE Pass account, create one. After successfully logged in, you will be taken to your personal dashboard and there you could view or download the tenancy contract.

In Ajman, you need to use Tasdeeq system and in Sharjah with the help of Sharjah Muncipality one could check, register and view the contract.

In UAE, for residents or ex-pats to have a safe housing it is important to develop a legalised tenancy contract. After registering the contract by both the tenant and owner, all the services can be accessed through the online platforms. You can view, download or renew it easily. It will help in understanding and reviewing the terms and conditions. Therefore, a valid tenancy contract is important to reside in UAE.