United Airlines Staff Recruitment 2017

Want to take your career further? At United Airlines, you can. We believe that our greatest resource is our people, and that hiring talented employees and empowering them is essential to the success of the airline. We rely on our high-performing employees to drive our business forward by modeling character, fostering teamwork, thinking strategically and delivering results.

Benefits and travel privileges

Employees and their families enjoy exciting travel privileges, including discounted rates on airline tickets and unlimited standby travel to anywhere United flies. Whether it’s backpacking through Europe or a long weekend in Guam, who wouldn’t enjoy the perks of travel?

Employees can enroll in our 401k plan, which includes a company match, to provide future financial security.
Our employees are critical to our success, so we reward them financially through profit sharing, customer satisfaction bonuses and on-time arrival bonuses when the airline performs well.Our employees work hard, so we reward them with paid vacation, as well as sick time when they need it.

United continuously encourages employees to develop their skills and interests to advance their professional growth.
We offer a variety of medical plans and options, including vision, dental, long-term disability and life insurance, to help employees keep themselves and their families happy and healthy.

We value the cultural diversity of our workforce and invite employees to participate in groups focused on multicultural backgrounds, veterans, women in the workforce and the LGTBA community, as a way to celebrate diversity and promote inclusion.There are social, athletic and activity clubs around the world for employees to join, or they’re welcome to start their own. Our social clubs foster camaraderie based on common interests.

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