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                Name                             :      NIXON MANO LONGNO

                Email Address               :      [email protected]

                Mobile No.                       :      +971552141732/+971547121906

                Title                                 :     HSE Engineer/HSE Officer/HSE Supervisor/HSE Advisor

                Qualification                :      Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering     

                    :      General Radio Communication Operator

                Current Location         :      Airport Road Street, Abu Dhabi City, United Arab Emirates


Professional Objective:
Throughout my working career, I have maintained a determination to succeed. The result of this determination has been rewarded in professional promotions. My career path has naturally taken the health and safety route, where my primary interest has developed.

            I have been particularly successful in the field where I am able to use my analytical and communication skills to assess situations, make decisions quickly, and with authority.

            About 15 years of accumulated experiences in HSE on both major projects in Oil & Gas, Industrial and other construction engineering discipline. Objective is to work as a safety professional in the field of safety, health and environment in a reputed organization. I would like to impart and provide optimum quality service through a challenging position in which my knowledge, skills and experience may utilized to its fullest to implement effective HSEMS so that no lost time injuries objective is achieved. To develop safe working culture, to prevent loss of precious human life, loss of company’s assets, and environmental concerns in general.


Career Highlights / Work Experiences:


      Company    : DNJ Electrical Industries LLC

      Date             :  Nov. 06, 2018 til date

      Position      :  HSE Officer

      Client           :  ABB, SIEMENS,GE, SEL, DEWA, SEWA, FEWA, ADWEA

      Factory       :  Manufacturing – Control Panel, Protection Panel,

                         Remote Terminal Unit, Telecommunication Unit, Interface Panel and SCADA panel.


Duties & Responsibilities:


Ø  Assist in compliance reviews, general risk assessments and other safety assessments to support HSE management.

Ø  Maintain relevant HSE logs and documentation.

Ø  Assist in the compliance of applicable laws and regulations.

Ø  Prepare applicable HSE reports as necessary.

Ø  Provide assistance and advice on HSE issues to make recommendations to Project management.

Ø  Participate in detailed incident investigations in order to establish correct Root Cause Analysis.

Ø  Promote incident prevention for the benefit of employees and visitors.

Ø  Assist in the development and presentation of relevant HSE training.




Ø  Observe HSE regulations, wears all mandatory safety equipment, encourages safe working practices, corrects obvious hazards immediately or reports them to the concerned personnel.

Ø  Ability to work with employees and achieve cultural change in the face of potential resistance.

Ø  Maintain positive and proactive relations with managers and employees, as well as our Project Management Consultant (PMC) and regulatory agencies.

Ø  Perform other work related tasks as required as assigned.

Ø   Comply with all STC and HSE procedures and policies.

Ø  Walk the Site on a regular basis to establish HSE presence and provide competent advice on HSE matters and support to the Site supervision as found necessary.

Ø  Conduct daily and monthly HSE Meetings/ Trainings and schedule as needed.

Ø  Checks the Permit to Work requirements have been implemented accordingly.

Ø  Conduct Daily Pre-task briefings and/or Job Safety Analyses to the workforce before the start of activities on site.

Ø  Prepare Site HSE Observation Reports and follow-up the issues that have been raised until these have been closed to his satisfaction.

Ø  Write Site COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations) from the applicable Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

Ø  Ability to evaluate specific task related PPE are being properly used when applicable and maintained as necessary.

Ø  Have knowledge and enforce compliance of Regulatory requirements including Project HSE policies and procedures. 

Ø  Ability to oversee waste management activities such as the labelling, storage of hazardous wastes, containment, and proper disposal to an authorized waste management centre.

Ø  Assist in Emergency Response Drills and provide First Aid treatment when requested.

Ø  Oversee Behaviour Based / Observation Safety Programs.

Ø   Ability to inspect Work Equipment from the HSE perspective and maintain inspection records.

Ø  Ability to oversee Safety Incentive Programs.

Ø  Assist in administering and maintaining compliance programs such as LOTO, Hazard Communication, EAP, Hearing Conservation, Hot Work, Respiratory Protection, etc. 



      Date                  : Nov. 06, 2017 to July 10,2018

      Position          :  HSE ENGINEER/HSE ADVISOR

      Client               :  EMIRATES GLOBAL ALUMINIUM (EGA) ABU DHABI, UAE

      Contractor     : Bechtel/Petrofac Joint Venture (BPJV).

      Project            :  SMP 2 – Structural Mechanical Piping Project- PMC Project


Duties & Responsibilities:


Ø  Assist construction personnel in identifying potential hazards and the appropriate control measures to reduce risks into acceptable level.

Ø  Promote the use of Stop Work Authority, share lessons-learned when it is used and reinforce use in regular communications meetings.

Ø  Perform audits/ inspections to identify opportunities for improvement.




Ø  Assist in reporting, investigation of incidents including near- misses and at-risk observations as well as assisting in the tracking to closure of open items resulting from the investigations.

Ø  Assist in developing internal HSE policies and strategies.

Ø  Report on monthly HSE statistics.

Ø  Ensure that safety related equipment is installed correctly and operating as intended.

Ø  Provide health and safety meetings and trainings for employees.

Ø  Facilitate drills / exercises to assess adequacy of existing processes and procedures.

Ø  Acclimatize newly- hires to the company and conduct orientation sessions.

Ø  Deliver training courses in areas of expertise.

Ø  Assess effectiveness of HSE programs to ensure incorporation of taught skills and techniques into employees workplace behavior.

Ø  Take necessary action to adjust work conditions to suitable standard and provide technical measures for safety and health of workers during operation periods.

Ø  Conducted inspection or tests for any machines, tools /equipment.

Ø  Conducted inspection of Electrical tools, PTW, PPE’s. Control of substances hazardous to health and Work permits.

Ø  Conducted regular Daily Housekeeping and induction to new workmen and TBT.

Ø  Conducted Safety Drill (Fire Mock Drill & Safety Excavation Procedures) for the workers at all times to ensure their awareness on the same.

Ø  Ensured the accessibility of all the Safety Gadgets (Fire Extinguisher, Safety Gears etc.) and giving awareness to all the workers about the importance and proper use of the same.

Ø  Generation of daily safety observation report.

Ø  To carry out daily inspection of sites as often as possible and take appropriate corrective actions. 


       Company          :  XERVON INDUSTRIES SERVICES LLC   

       Date                    :   July 20, 2015 to July 20, 2017

       Position            :  HSE SUPERVISOR

       Client                 :  ADCO-Abu Dhabi Company Onshore, Abu Dhabi UAE (ONSHORE)

       Contractor       :  GS Engineering & Construction / DODSAL

       Project               :  EPC Rumaitha/Shanayel Facilities Phase III

                                              :  Electrical And Instrumentation Project.

                                              :  Synchronization Digital Hiearchy Project


Duties & Responsibilities:


Ø  Review and Assessed Method of Statement , Task Risk Assessment and Control Measure for high and medium risk activities.

Ø  Take necessary action to adjust work conditions to suitable standard and provide technical measures for safety and health of workers during operation periods.

Ø  Planned Site Visits/ inspection or tests for any unsafe working practices that are observed and raised the matter with site management/ disciplinary action as appropriate.

Ø  Prepared and maintained all the records/statistics data of the H.S.E (from minor to major incidents) on the working area.

Ø  Conducted inspection of Electrical tools, PTW, PPE’s. Control of substances hazardous to health and Work permits.

Ø  Assessed safe working condition at sites and work environment.

Ø  Supervised Artisans potential Hazard situations and made repeat visits to ensure compliance in safety.

Ø  Conducted regular Daily Housekeeping and induction to new workmen and TBT.

Ø  Conducted Safety Drill (Fire Mock Drill & Safety Excavation Procedures) for the workers at all times to ensure their awareness on the same.

Ø  Provided Access and walkways on all designated areas of activities.





Ø  Responsible in Health, Safety and Environmental precautionary measures.

Ø  Coordinate with all the related electro-mechanical and Safety works.

Ø  Ensure the accessibility of all the Safety Gadgets (Fire Extinguisher, Safety Gears etc.) and giving awareness to all the workers about the importance and proper use of the same.

Ø  Ensure Permitry, regulatory and statutory requirements and implemented and complied with across the project site.

Ø  Ensure development and establishment of project site monitoring, job risk profiles and medical emergency response procedure by the contractor.

Ø  Ensure all the fire service installations and fire escapes are properly maintained.

Ø   Ensure the implementation of EHS Rules and safe practices and supervise the contractor’s EHS team.

Ø  Conduct regular inspections of project sites, contractor’s/ sub- contractor’s workshops, machinery equipment and tools and report all unsafe practices and unsafe conditions.

Ø  Support Group EHS and any third parties in carrying out compliance reviews and surveillance audits.

Ø  Collect data and report on all incidents and high potential near misses on the project.

Ø   Participate in investigations of all EHS incidents and high potential near misses in the capacity defined by the Incident Management Process.

Ø  Develop and manage corrective Action Plans. Update the status in the system after proper action and closure

Ø  Implement, track and report on EHS Key Performance Indicators for the peoject.

Ø  Provide functional update Such as EHS statistics, incident details etc. for developing project progress and management reports.

Ø  Carry out any other tasks as assigned by the project manager or line manager.




      Date               : March 5, 2015  to JUNE 5, 2015

      Position       : HSE Engineer


      Project         : Construction of Various Project for ZADCO (PMC Project)



Duties & Responsibilities:


Ø  Assist in managing all environmental health and safety audits with the organization.

Ø  Uses procedures and SOP, s as checklist to evaluate the performance of the

       Environmental and health and safety in the organization.

Ø  Checking of personal protective equipment’s as per safety rules.

Ø  Toolbox talks with workers and supervises related nature of work.

Ø  Carry out site surveys to see that only safe working methods are in operation that health and safety requirements are being observed, and welfare and first aid facilities are adequate and properly maintained.

Ø  Carrying out monthly activities and inspections for all HSE requirements.

Ø  Preparing a monthly report on projects HSE statistics and STOP ‘analysis ensuring its submission to contractors, workshop and Quality manager.

Ø  Develop emergency preparedness, response and fire prevention program, impact training and conduct regular drills.

Ø  Encourage employees to follow procedures and standards.

Ø  Implement safety program to prevent, correct, or control unsafe environmental conditions.

Ø  Promote safe work activities by conducting safety audits, attending company safety meetings, and meeting with project staff members.

Ø  Prepare reports of findings from investigation of accidents, inspection of facilities, and or testing of project environment.




Ø  Conduct sampling, surveys and questioning to examine the effectiveness of implementation of the occupational health, safety and environment management system.

Ø  Investigate causes of accidents and/or injuries to develop solutions to minimize or prevent recurrence.

Ø  Examine plans and specifications for new machinery or equipment to determine if all safety requirements have been included.

Ø  Inspect facilities, machinery, and safety equipment to identify and correct potential hazards, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Ø  Monitor the exposure to occupational hazards (noise, humidity, etc.) to verify compliance with regulations.

Ø  Conduct training of workers concerning safety laws and regulations, use of safety equipment, devices, clothing and first aid.

Ø  Check the company measures to ensure maximum employee protection.

Ø  Conduct safety inductions for employees, subcontractors and visitors prior to entering site.




      Date              :   January 22, 2013 up to February 21, 2015

      Position      :  HSE Engineer


                           ABU DHABU, UAE

      Project        :Variable Speed Drive Units for 1112C Fin Fan Coolers at    ADRD(TAKREER)

                      -Chemical Injection Facilities  for 10ppm Gas Oil Products at Abu Dhabi Refinery Division (TAKREER, ADNOC) (OFFSHORE).

                     -Inspection, Testing & Maintenance of Fire Protection System at Abu Dhabi Refinery & Supply Division (TAKREER, ADNOC) (OFFSHORE)                                                                                                                   

                       -Turn-Key Implementation of HAZOP Study Recommendations and Plants Modifications at Abu Dhabi Refinery Division.  (TAKREER, ADNOC At UMM AL NAR & MUSSAFAH TERMINAL, ABU DHABI, UAE . (OFFSHORE).                                                                                                                  

                       -New Cable Network for Tank Gauging System and Upgrading of ENTIS Pro at ADRD. (TAKREER, ADNOC, At Um Al Nar Abu Dhabi, UAE) (OFFSHORE)



Duties & Responsibilities:


Ø  To conduct safety inspections and partake in risk assessments and incident investigation in order to ensure the timely and accurate identification and reporting of non-compliance, unsafe practices, conditions, acts and near misses, in line with safety policies, processes and standards.

Ø  Perform inspections of all work sites and shipyards, warehouses as well as ships under repair building, conversions etc. and carry out periodic inspections in shipyard areas to ensure compliance with standards and identify non-compliance, unsafe practices and conditions.

Ø  Assist in identifying and reporting non-compliance, unsafe practices, conditions, acts and near misses in order to ensure coordination with concerned parties to prevent recurrence and support in accurate reporting.

Ø  Generate documentation/records of departmental observations inspections and consolidate these into the safety management database in order to ensure that accurate records are maintained for any future reference or benchmarking.

Ø  Issue all relevant work permits and keep daily records of all issued permits in order to ensure the safety operations and facilities, in line with policies and procedures.

Ø  As and when required, perform tests on equipment, tools and machinery and approve specifications in order to ensure compliance with safety standards.







Ø  Risk Assessment , Partake in safety analyses and reviews in order to support the Assistant Manager – Health and Safety in identifying and preventing hazards that may lead to significant losses.

Ø  As and when required by the Section Head / Assistant Manager – Health and Safety, assist in the coordination with concerned parties to communicate relevant information.

Ø  Incident Investigation , As and when required by the Section Head /Assistant Manager – Health and Safety, assist in the follow-up on investigations of all safety-related incidents including near-misses in order to identify root causes.

Ø  Statistics and Reports, Assist in the preparation and reporting of safety statistics in order to support the Section Head /Assistant Manager – Health and Safety in submitting reports that meet policies and standards, and department requirements.

Ø  Provide, or assist in the provision of appropriate safety training and awareness in order to maintain and increase readiness and competency of personnel to respond to any emergency or safety hazard.

Ø  Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures, Follow all relevant policies, processes, standard operating procedures and instructions so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner.

Ø  Health, Safety, & Environment, Ensure compliance to all relevant health, safety and environmental management policies, procedures and controls across the department to guarantee employee safety and a responsible environmental attitude.




      Company   :   SK Engineering & Construction

      Date             :   June 12, 2012 To December 25, 2012

      Position      :  Senior HSE Supervisor


      Project        :  Ruwais Refinery Expansion Project, (EPC 1 Project)


Duties & Responsibilities:


Ø  Preparation of accident reports and safety Reports.

Ø  Industrial Safety and Safety Management

Ø  Creating awareness among the people in the industry for “No accidents”.

Ø  Induction of safety about men material and Machinery.

Ø  Operation of fire alarms and detectors.

Ø  Operation of all type of portable fire extinguishers and Breathing apparatus.

Ø  First aid in the event of electric shock, Burn, Heat Stress, wounds and Suffocation.

Ø  Assist the board’s joint Occupational Health & Safety Committees.

Ø  Task Risk Assessment

Ø  Risk assessment and Safety management.

Ø  Upkeep of various safety records and files.




      Company:  DHAFIR Technologies LLC.

      Date          :  June 2011 to April 2012

      Position   : HSE Engineer

      Client        :  ADNOC Aviation Depot at Fujairah Airport, UAE

      Project     : Fire Fighting Water System at Fujairah Airport -(PMC Project)



Duties & Responsibilities:


Ø  To carry out daily inspection of sites as often as possible and take appropriate corrective actions. 

Ø  Report to the Construction / Project Manager from time to time to verify site

       activities are carried out as per safety rules and regulations.

Ø  Discuss with workers and line supervisors and foremen the following

                     Welding procedures.

Ø  Review incidents/accidents reports ( if any ).

Ø  Conducts safety patrol / inspection with picture taking.

Ø  Proper operating of electrical power tools & equipments.

Ø  Proper wearing of Personal Protective Equipment.

Ø  Provision of adequate Fire Extinguishers.

Ø  Substandard Conditions and Unsafe Acts.

Ø  Proper work permits for Confined Space & Hot Works.

Ø  Proper installations of Scaffoldings & Ladders.

Ø  Safety Control Formations.

Ø  Site Conditions & Housekeeping.

Ø  Sandblasting

Ø  Gas & Electric Welding.

Ø  Cranes & Electrical Lifting

Ø  Conducts Safety, Health & Environmental Orientations.

Ø  Conducts Daily / Weekly Toolbox Meetings.

Ø  Coordinate with Operation Field Staff for Safety Evaluations.




      Date            :  August 2009 to February 2011

      Position     : HSE Officer

      Client          : TAKREER, ADNOC at Umm Al  Nar Island, (OFFSHORE), ABU DHABI, UAE

      Project       :  Additional Crude Oil Storage Tank at TAKREER, ADRD


Duties & Responsibilities:


Ø  Conducts toolbox talks with the workers and foreman.

Ø  Conducts daily site inspection.

Ø  Coordinating all the inspection of lifting equipments, heavy equipment and close monitor scaffolding erections/dismantling.

Ø  Generates daily safety reports for documentation.

Ø  Operating and maintaining a dispensary of Personal Protective Equipments.

Ø  Report unsafe act method of condition  to the company in-charge

Ø  Ensures good production and Quality of work to satisfy clients and at the                                                                     same time providing safety to all.

Ø  Completes daily activity reports, bringing attention to the action taken on identified matters of concern and issues requiring resolution by higher authorities.

Ø  Responsible in giving orientation of the newly- hired personnel.

Ø  Help to prepare and develop fire safety evacuation plans and assist in conducting fire drills.

Ø  Responsible in conducting safety meetings with different departments, reminding each and everyone’s safety responsibilities, discuss with supervisors and foremen of what should be done to minimize/ eliminate hazards in workplaces.

Ø  Provide precaution signage’s all over the site for their awareness on safety matters.

Ø  Do other duties as directed by the Safety Manager with regards to safety concerns.

Ø  Provides on the job training to the junior safety officers, assigns supervising activities and assessing performances to ensure complete and thorough understanding of HSE standards and acquired methodologies.




      Company  :  ED Zublin AG Civil Engineering Company

      Date            :  March 2009 to August 2009

      Position    :  HSE Officer

      Client         :  GASCO, Al Ruwais, (ONSHORE) ABU DHABI, UAE

      Project      :  New Administration Building @ Al Ruwais Abu Dhabi

      Company  :  ED Zublin AG Civil Engineering Company

      Date            :  April 2008 to February 2009

      Position    :  HSE Engineer

      Client         :  ALDAR, ABU DHABI, UAE

      Project      :  Injazat Data Center and Office Building, Mussafa, ABU DHABI

      Company :  ED Zublin AG Civil Engineering Company

      Date           :  October 2005 to March 2008

      Position    :  HSE Engineer


      Project      :  Concrete Rehabilitation at ADRD Marine Oil Terminal



Duties & Responsibilities:



Ø  Assigned as Field Safety Officer in Q-Chem.-I’s: Boiler Area, Polyethylene/ Ethylene Areas, Waste Water Treatment Incinerator, and Butane Tanks Area (all processed            areas).

Ø  Participate in monitoring HSE activities including auditing, sampling and inspections.

Ø  Inspect the construction area daily.

Ø  Responsible for the training of newly hired personnel on HSE matters, with a specific attention to particular hazardous tasks.

Ø  Take actions and reports immediately to the Site HSE Manager in case of dangerous actions and/or situations.

Ø  Constant advisor on the field for any problems related to HSE for all the personnel.

Ø  Participate in the toolbox meeting held by the supervisors and foremen and support them during this activity.

Ø  Verify/check on daily basis the proper use of PPE by all the personnel.

Ø  Participate in the Safety committee meeting.

Ø  Actively participate in the investigation of all incidents, accidents and near misses.

Ø  Ensure that Fire Fighting and Safety equipment is regularly inspected and serviced.

Ø  Conduct daily safety inspections of job sites, tools &equipments of the company.

Ø  Conduct toolbox meeting to enhance & develop the habit of safe work practices.

Ø  Investigate accidents by spot inspection interrogation of parties &/or witnesses involved to determine the cause & prevent recurrence of the same.

Ø  Prepare reports based on inspection, observation & investigation; recommended measures & methods of eliminating unsafe working conditions & procedures.

Ø  Monitor safety reports/comments that entries in the safety logbook.

Ø  Observes & enforce safety standards, rules & regulations in the working areas.

Ø  Monitor proper housekeeping & cleaning of the working area.

Ø  Interact with the company’s representative on health & safety issues.

Ø  Observes & complies with the existing company codes, rules & regulations.

Ø  Assists Construction Manager, Supervisors and Foremen in promoting a Safety Prevention Spirit within their respective work groups, according to the approved safety programs.









                                                      Educational Qualifications

& Bachelor Of Science in Marine Engineering

    Western Visayas College of Science and  Technology (March 1993)

& General Radio Communication Operator                                                                                                   Central Radio and Electronics School (March 1989)

& Jalandoni  National High School

     Secondary Level (April 1988)

& Pantalan Navarro Elementary School

   Elementary Level (March 1983)

Specialized Training  and Certificates in Occupational H S E


Safety Approved of (2017)Al Taweelah Alumina EGA

Safety Approved of ADCO

Safety Approved of TAKREER, ADNOC

Safety Awarded (2017) AL Taweelah Alumina

Fire Watcher (2015)

Basic First Aid & CPR (ONSHORE) (2008)

Basic Fire Fighting & Fire Prevention (ONSHORE)(2008)

Outstanding Contractor HSE Coordinator (TAKREER) (2009)

Basic Safety Course (2000)

Personal Survival Techniques (2000)

Elementary First Aid (2000)

Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (2000)

Standard For Training Certifications and Watch keeping (2000)

TECHNICAL SKILLS                       


Knowledge of Microsoft office for the preparation of reports and related activities.
General Radio Communication Operator
Personal Details


Date of Birth                                        :   07 November 1969

Nationality                                           :   Filipino

Marital Status                                      :   Married

Language Spoken                                :   English, Pilipino.

       Passport Number                                 :   P0528964A

       Visa Status                                                :   Employment




I hereby declare that the above  mentioned facts are true to the best of my knowledge & belief.






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