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Faiz Shaikh


Data Analyst

UK,UAE,Saudi arabia

Faiz J. Shaikh
:[email protected]
: +91 9657976907

Looking for an organization where I can enhance my knowledge and from my Experience and my Abilities give  best to the organization.

Course / Qualification
Year of passing
University / Institute
% or Grade
Bachelor of
March 2014
Viva College,Virar(w),Mumbai University
March 2011
Viva College Virar(w),Maharashtra Board
March 2009
Little Flowers English High School,Maharashtra Board


▷ Completed GNIIT(SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, DATA ANALYSIS) from NIIT,Vasai ( 2013– 2016)

Company Achievement

▷ Completed L.E.A.D training from EpicenterTechnologies PVT LTD
▷ Completed Management and Competency training from EpicenterTechnologies PVT LTD

Professional Experience:-


Career Graph:-

Data Analytics  13th FEB-2018 to till date
Technologies: Advance Excel ((Graphs (Bar, Column, Pie, Line,), Formula(Vlookup, Hlookup, Index, Match, Countif, Sumif, IF, Sumproduct Etc.),Pivot),  SQL Server, VBA(Macro),Power BI.
● Analysing data and identifying problem areas from business side
● Transform key points into meaningful graph to get complete insight of the data.
● Analyse the data using descriptive statistics(summary,graphical,tabular statistics)
● Interpret data, analyse results using statistics (Measure of central tendency, Measure of dispersion) technique and provide ongoing report.
● Identify, Analyse, and interpret trends in complex data sets.
● Identify routine tasks and automate them for business team
● Work with management to prioritize business and information needs.
● Calculating PR and revenue loss and aspect of losses.
● Using Pareto chart to understand loss and count of failure in excel.
● Using Pivot to summarise and analyse the data.
● Doing Automation in excel by writing VB script(Macro).
● Automating template and dashboard in excel by VBA.
● Using MS SQL server for retrieving data and to prepare reports.
● Doing deep data analysis and making automation dashboard in excel.
● Using linear regression for understanding relationship between dependent and independent variable.
● Using powerpoint to send the data stratification to stakeholder.
● Communicating with team to understand and to sort out their concerns.


Career Graph:-

Business Intelligence 14th July 2016 to 1st Feb 2018
Technologies: Excel (Graphs(Bar,Column,Pie,Line,Box and Whisker Plot),Vlookup, Hlookup, Pivot, Index, Match, CountIf, Sumif, IF, Sumproduct Etc.), SQL Server,VBA(Macro),SSIS,SSAS.
● Retrieving data from MS SQL server by writing query.
● Transforming raw data from flat,CSV file into Database by using SSIS
● Automating excel templates by writing VBA script
● Prepare the Daily, weekly and Monthly Report and Dashboard.
● Coordinate with client and make report accordingly.
● Prepare hourly report to highlight ASA.
● Looking Aspect dialer and uploading file on dialer and make dialing strategic plans.
● Provide daily feedback to operation team basis on weekly data to improve ASA and decrease AHT.


▷ Language :  PYTHON,SQL,VBA
▷ Database :  SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014 
▷ Tools : Python, SSIS (SQL Server Integration Service), SSAS(SQL Server                                       
                                                  Analysis Service), Advance Excel, SQL Server 2008, SQL                                                                 Server 2012, SQL Server 2014, VBA (Macro), PowerPoint,
                                                  Aspect Software (Dialer), MS Access, Power BI.

Personal details:

Address              : Chawre Arcade, A/202,Near Civic Centre, Nallasopara (w),

Date of Birth              : 5th November 1993

Hobbies              : Football, Music

Languages Known             : English, Hindi & Marathi

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