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Netflix Password Sharing Stopped in UAE

Netflix password is soon expiring in UAE. This action is a part of the streamer’s decision to gradually introduce its new password scheme across the globe. Based on streaming giant’s earnings statement Netflix is expanding its network to cover members in the UAE and initiating a crackdown on password sharing.

As per the new rule, only individuals who share the house and have access to the same Netflix account are allowed to share the password. The WiFi networks and IP addresses of the devices connected into each account will be tracked by Netflix to implement these policies. In India, the same rule has been implemented, enabling Netflix users to share accounts away from their residences.

According to the Mashable website, more than 100 nations have previously implemented laws prohibiting the sharing of passwords. These countries includes important markets like the US, Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Mexico and Brazil.

Although the Netflix MENA team has not yet made an official announcement, the streaming provider continues to insist that accounts are only intended for family members. Everything is not bad for Netflix users.  As long as the device is part of the Netflix household, one can access the streaming service. If someone from outside the house tries to access Netflix, they will receive a prompt warning before being blocked.

Customers can still watch Netflix when travelling through their own devices or on the smart TVs in hotels. Incidentally, when Netflix first entered the streaming industry, it famously tweeted: “Love is sharing a password,” but it later deleted the tweet after revenue dropped.

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