Latest Sharjah Aviation Jobs in UAE

We believe that our staff is the most important asset of SAS. We aim to provide our people with challenging, meaningful and long term careers where we want each person to believe they can make a difference,  no matter how small or large it is.

There are many reasons why you should join us, and these all link to our values as an organisation. People are what make our business such a great place to work, and if you fit the values that align with working in our organisation, then we know you will enjoy being part of our future success and growth plans.

Culture and Diversity with SAS
Our employee diversity of over 40 nationalities is our strength as an organisation. Talent and talent recognition is not nationality exclusive, and our diversity of nationalities, cultures, religious and ethnic backgrounds enriches our workforce by bringing new ideas, innovation and thinking styles that lead to business success. Our employee diversity also complements Sharjah’s multicultural population and its drive to all access to this business as a rewarding and meaningful career.

Our Values
Integrity, honesty, commitment, innovative, flexibility – all of these help this organisation

Careers – Recruitment
We are constantly seeking people with skills, knowledge and expertise in the following areas:

To join the team, please send your CV to (Only applications received via this E-Mail will be processed)