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Are You a serious Job Seeker in middle east ? if yes then a good news for you, Saudi Railway Company Updated their company page with new job openings, even if you are out of Saudi Arabia you can apply for jobs online via Before Applying for jobs please check following details about Saudi Railway Company and careers with them.

About Saudi Railway Company:

SAR, as a new name in the domestic transport market seeks to satisfy market requirement by providing the best advanced railway services encompassing transport of passengers, freight, minerals and transit services between the neighbouring countries.

The Railway will link a number of cities, neighbouring areas and villages which will lead to their development socially, economically, industrially, agriculturally and commercially. In the future this will help also to establish advanced industries in most of the regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Railways Company (SAR) was founded in 2006 by the Public Investments Fund (PIF) in order to implement a railway project linking the northern region with both the eastern and central regions of the Kingdom, including the operation and management of the project with the necessary competence in accordance with optimal economic operating parameters, through applying state-of-the-art global standards of performance and safety.

Railways will play a prominent role in supporting the progress of the nation and diversifying sources of income in addition to nationalizing the tasks of operation and management of this sector in terms of human resources or investments in supporting industries that would create new and promising opportunities for the national young generations and achieve the principle of sustainability for the future of this sector at large.

Careers at Saudi Railway Company: 

If you a get a job in Saudi Railway Company then you must shift to Saudi Arabia, and You will get paid in Tax free Saudi Riyal. Saudi Railway Company is one of the best employer in Saudi Arabia and large number of people looking for a good job with Saudi Railway Company


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