Cleveland Clinic Job Openings in Abu Dhabi

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is continually recruiting highly motivated and dynamic individuals to join our team. Caregivers, the unique name we give to all of our employees, are selected for clinical and non-clinical roles based on their commitment to world-class standards of care, dedication to our Patients First philosophy and respect for, and understanding of, local culture and values. Caregivers are dedicated individuals who are excited to collaborate with dynamic colleagues from a variety of different backgrounds.

Radiation Oncologist Abu Dhabi
Staff Physician, Cardiologist Abu Dhabi
Department Chair, Cardiovascular MedicineAbu Dhabi
Breast Medical Oncology LeaderAbu Dhabi
PerfusionistAbu Dhabi
Medical PhysicistAbu Dhabi
Radiologist (Abdominal Imaging)Abu Dhabi
Director of Clinical Research – Movement Disorders and Functional NeurosurgeryAbu Dhabi
Director of Clinical Research – Headache & Facial PainAbu Dhabi
Director Asthma ProgramAbu Dhabi
Rehabilitation PsychologistAbu Dhabi
Urgent Care physicianAbu Dhabi
General DentistAbu Dhabi
Program DirectoAbu Dhabi
Anesthesiology Faculty PositionAbu Dhabi
Sleep NeurologistAbu Dhabi
Vascular NeurologistAbu Dhabi
Associate Staff, Family MedicineAbu Dhabi
Clinical EthicistAbu Dhabi
Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Education: Artificial Intelligence in HealthcareAbu Dhabi
Headache & Facial Pain SpecialistAbu Dhabi
Neuromuscular NeurologistAbu Dhabi
Neurohospitalist – GeneralAbu Dhabi
Otoneurology SpecialistAbu Dhabi
Neurologist – GeneralAbu Dhabi
Neurologist – Autonomic Disorders SpecialistAbu Dhabi
Movement Disorders NeurologistAbu Dhabi
Associate Medical Director of Biochemical GeneticsAbu Dhabi
Orthopaedic Sports Medicine PhysicianAbu Dhabi
Cardiologist – Preventive CardiologyAbu Dhabi
Infectious DiseaseAbu Dhabi
Dermatologist- PT/FT-Abu Dhabi
Radiologist (General Diagnostic)Abu Dhabi
Neurologist – ALS Clinician ScientistAbu Dhabi
Comprehensive Otolaryngologist/ Head and Neck surgeryAbu Dhabi
Vascular Surgeon – VEIN CENTERAbu Dhabi
Internal Medicine – National Consult ProgramAbu Dhabi
Internal Medicine – Primary CareAbu Dhabi
Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Physician-Scientist FacultyAbu Dhabi
Obstetrics & Gynecology HospitalistAbu Dhabi
Urologist -General & SubspecialistsAbu Dhabi
Memory Disorder / Dementia SpecialistAbu Dhabi
Child NeurologistAbu Dhabi
Neurosurgery: Vice-Chair, Department of Neurosurgery – Regional PracticesAbu Dhabi
General Dermatologist- Concord, OHAbu Dhabi
Anesthesiologist Abu Dhabi
Clinical/General Cardiologist – J1 & H1B sponsorship support.Abu Dhabi
General SurgeonAbu Dhabi
Full Time SNF PhysicianAbu Dhabi
Psychology – Neuromuscular Clinical Health PsychologistAbu Dhabi