Wednesday , March 20 2019

Latest ENOC Oil & Gas Jobs in UAE

Emirates National Oil Company Limited (ENOC) The energy sector is a major global oil and gas player operating on the value system. In 1993, a full-fledged establishment of the Dubai government was established.

Dubai has contributed significantly to the continuous movement of Dubai for its financial diversification and sustainable development. The ENOC group includes more than 30 subsidiaries, including purging, lubric budding, storage, aviation and retail.

We serve around 9,000 employees in 60 markets and UAE, our world class consumer service, the latest innovations, technologies and best practices in the socio-economic development of the United Arab Emirates.

ENOC career opportunities:
ENOC offers different types of employment opportunities for a wide variety of skills. We are proud of our multicultural, welcome environment, and we encourage creative and job opportunities in the company.
ENOC for talented, bright, individual persons The ENOC Group has 35 companies in various business areas. Group 9000 is employed. UAE employs world-class customer service, new innovations, technologies and best practices for socio-economic development.

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