Tuesday , April 23 2019

Latest Alshaya Jobs in UAE

Alshaya is an international merchant from the lowest point in 1890 as a small trading company in Kuwait. It operates among the world’s top retail brands in the Middle East, North Africa, Russia, Turkey and Europe. We opened our first retail store in 1983. Today more than 53,000 people work. There are 3,900 stores in Middle East, North Africa, Russia, Turkey and Europe. Nevertheless, we never forget our history, family tradition, and values. For us the great service and our promises are always critical of our business. These values ​​will live every day.

Career with Alshaya
Alshaya has also provided opportunities for the real growth and development of skilled, talented people, the arrival of retail traders. We offer many support and activities including audit, marketing, communications, HR, e-poem, finance, legal and supply chain.

Alshaya recruitment process is unique and attached to different opportunities we have to offer! Your candidate’s experiences will be shared with Alshaya in mind. In evaluation days, group activities, video interviews, qualifications based screening, you can enjoy different values ​​when evaluating your recruitment journey.

The first step is to apply for a role along with us online. This lets us send your information directly to one of our special recruiters. Once your application is completed, you will receive an email confirming your submission, starting the journey. If your application succeeds, we will lead you on the onboarding process. If you are a foreign worker, we will pay attention to the problems that will change to all of you in order to ensure smooth transition to a new country!

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