Monday , November 28 2022

Al Ain University Job Openings in Abu Dhabi

We receive thousands of applications, so it’s really important that you stand out from the crowd. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.Covering letters are a perfect opportunity for you to show your motivation and demonstrate why you’re the right person for the job. Remember quite often this will be your first introduction to us, so make sure it counts.

JournalistAl Ain
Library AssistantAl Ain
Career Development SupervisorAl Ain
Ph.D in Methods of Teaching English LanguageAl Ain
Internship and Job Placement CoordinatorAl Ain
Ph.D. in PsychologyAl Ain
Photographer & VideographerAl Ain
PhD. Pharmaceutical ChemistryAl Ain
Ph.D in Instructional TechnologyAl Ain
A Postdoctoral Fellow in the field of machine learningAl Ain
PhD. Food Science (Minor in Nutrition)Al Ain
Ph.D in Project ManagementAl Ain
Ph.D in Health Care ManagementAl Ain
Ph.D in Curricula and Teaching Methods ( Curriculum and Teaching Methods of Arabic Language)Al Ain
PhD. in Nutrition and DieteticsAl Ain
Ph.D in CybersecurityAl Ain
Assistant/Associate Professor in Translation/Translation Studies Arabic-English-ArabicAl Ain
Ph.D in Digital Journalism/ Digital MediaAl Ain
English Language Center CoordinatorAl Ain
Ph.D in Clinical PharmacyAl Ain
Ph.D. in Medicinal ChemistryAl Ain
lab Supervisor college of PharmacyAl Ain
Ph.D. in Software EngineeringAl Ain
Assistant / Associate Professor in Public RelationsAl Ain
Assistant / Associate Professor in AdvertisingAl Ain
Assistant / Associate Professor in JournalismAl Ain
Phd. in Applied StatisticsAl Ain
Ph.D. in MarketingAl Ain
Ph.D. in Business AdministrationAl Ain
Ph.D. in Management Information SystemAl Ain
Ph.D. in Applied SociologyAl Ain
Ph.D. in Finance and BankingAl Ain