Friday , December 2 2022

Latest ADNOC Jobs in Abu Dhabi

To apply for ADNOC Jobs you must create one account on ADNOC. Because they listed all job openings via their career page. To create a account on ADNOC website you must have one valid email ID & valid phone number. Once you create an account then you can simply apply for jobs via a single click via Easy Apply option.

Senior Engineer , DrillingAbu Dhabi
Superintendent, Marine Engineering (Technical – Gas)Abu Dhabi
Senior Technology Auditor (OT&D)Abu Dhabi
Specialist, Drilling (Studies)Abu Dhabi
Senior Engineer, Maintenance Optimization (TA – Maint. Ex. Team)Abu Dhabi
Senior Internal Auditor (Operations & Technical)Abu Dhabi
Specialist, Strategic RelationsAbu Dhabi
Senior Superintendent, Fleet OperationsAbu Dhabi
Senior Specialist, SustainabilityAbu Dhabi
Senior Retail Sales ManagerAbu Dhabi
Senior Specialist, Industrial Hygiene (UAE National)Abu Dhabi
Senior Engineer, Risk Based InspectionAbu Dhabi
Manager, Technical (Offshore Fleet B)Abu Dhabi
Specialist, Logistics (Downstream)Abu Dhabi
Manager, Planning & StrategyAbu Dhabi
Supervisor, Supply (Offshore Supply Planning)Abu Dhabi
Senior Engineer, Maintenance Support & Cost ControlAbu Dhabi
Senior Specialist, Petroleum EngineeringAbu Dhabi
Supervisor, Diving OperationsAbu Dhabi
Specialist,Chartering (Offshore)Abu Dhabi
Senior Specialist, Economics (UAE National)Abu Dhabi
Team leader, Drilling Equipment And Material- (UAE National)Abu Dhabi
Superintendent, Marine Engineering (Projects Dry Dock)Abu Dhabi
Senior Engineer, HSE – Risk Management (UAE National)Abu Dhabi
Specialist, Conceptual DesignAbu Dhabi
Senior Specialist, Mechanical Engineer Piping / StaticAbu Dhabi
Senior Specialist, Instrumentation & Control Engineer- (UAE National)Abu Dhabi
Specialist, Chartering (Gas)Abu Dhabi
Senior Specialist, Regulatory AffairsAbu Dhabi
Senior Project Manager (Industrial)Abu Dhabi
Senior Specialist, HC Data AnalyticsAbu Dhabi
Advisor, Corporate Governance (Executive Secretariat)Abu Dhabi
Manager, Group Strategic InvestmentsAbu Dhabi
Specialist, Business DevelopmentAbu Dhabi
Superintendent, Technical (Gas)Abu Dhabi
Coordinator, Logistics (KIZAD Hub)Abu Dhabi
Pilot (Loading Master)Abu Dhabi
Superintendent, Marine Engineering (Technical MS- Mussafah)Abu Dhabi
Specialist, Chartering (Gas & Tanker)Abu Dhabi
Engineer, Planning (Electrical & Inst.)Abu Dhabi
Senior Engineer, Mechanical PipingAbu Dhabi
Specialist, Business DevelopmentAbu Dhabi
Supervisor, Rig Move SupportAbu Dhabi
Senior Specialist, Carbon (Projects)Abu Dhabi
Senior Specialist, Carbon MarketsAbu Dhabi
Senior Specialist, Carbon PlanningAbu Dhabi
Senior Specialist, Carbon Policy & PartnershipsAbu Dhabi
Manager, Carbon CompetitivenessAbu Dhabi
Senior Specialist, Sustainability (Strategy)Abu Dhabi
Manager, Net Zero SolutionsAbu Dhabi