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How to cancel vehicle ownership in Saudi Arabia

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For the residents and citizens of Saudi Arabia, it is now possible to cancel their vehicle ownership easily because it is necessary to get the final exit for the Iqama holders. At the same time, for those who want to sell or transfer or dispose their damaged vehicles in KSA must first cancel their ownership. With the online platform of Absher along with the General Department of Traffic, helps in the process of vehicle ownership cancellation and makes it easily accessible.

Criteria required

  • Vehicle must have their registered license plates
  • All the traffic fines must be paid and cleared
  • The registration of the vehicle must be valid
  • Valid Iqama or Saudi national ID
  • Vehicle owner must be alive. If the owner is deceased, the ownership is transferred to the first legal heir. But in that case, the death certificate of the deceased must be presented as proof.

Process of cancelling vehicle ownership in Saudi

This is a customer-friendly service provided by the KSA government and without any complications one could easily access it. Both the residents and citizens could use these methods to cancel the vehicle ownership.

  • Select any traffic department office
  • Visit this nearest office with the relevant requirements
  • In the case of damaged vehicles, to cancel the ownership you need to hand-over them to the scrapyards
  • After verifying the documents, the cancellation request will be processed by the traffic officers
  • Once the request is approved, a confirmation letter will be issued for the cancellation procedure
  • If all the steps are successful, then the ownership cancellation process is completed.

What are the steps to drop the damaged vehicle?

To drop the vehicles, especially the damaged or unwanted you need to follow some instructions. It is to be noted that those with an active Absher account could avail the service. The process includes:

  • Choose the authorized vehicle cancellation centres
  • Go to the centres with the required documents and conditions
  • After submitting the documents, an agreement is made with the scrapyards
  • Once the agreement is completed and approved, a verification code will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Now you could drop your vehicle

Within the following 5 working days after dropping the vehicle, the ownership will be terminated from the Iqama status.

For verification, you can check the Iqama status through Absher portal or Absher app (app store or play store) or MOL website. In the case Absher app, you need to login to your account and choose My Services under My Profile. Then select My Iqama. This shows all the details including vehicle ownership of your Iqama ID.

Meanwhile, for MOL website you need to enter the Iqama number or Border number along with date of birth in Gregorian or Hijri format. After entering the captcha code, click Next and you could see the Iqama details.

How to cancel vehicle ownership/registration for Saudi citizens?

All the Saudi citizens who have an active Absher account are eligible for cancelling their ownership. For that:

  • Go to Absher website
  • Login to your account
  • Select Vehicles
  • Under Vehicles, choose Vehicle Services
  • Click on Vehicle Management
  • Select Cancel Vehicle User

This helps in the process of ownership cancellation.

Vehicle ownership cancellation in KSA is a simple process and is necessary for the citizens to get their final exit. With the required documents and procedure, one could avail this via Absher platform. They are providing all the information that supports the process. If you want to sell, transfer, transport or dispose the vehicles at any circumstances, ownership cancellation is important. Using relevant details, people could access the service easily.

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