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How to Apply for UAE Golden Visa?

A new long-term visa system was introduced in UAE 2019 which attracts, retain, and reward exceptional talent worldwide without the need of a sponsor called Golden Visa and recently in 2023 the visa validity expanded to 10 years with more eligible categories. This golden visa scheme enables foreign talents from India and all over the world to live, work, or study in UAE. People who are innovators in humanitarianism, business owners, scientists, exceptional students and graduates, talented individual are eligible for this and could enjoy premium benefits.

Dubai Golden Visa Requirements & documents

The criteria for a Golden visa vary depending on the type of resident—an investor, an artist, an entrepreneur, etc.

  • For the public investors, a deposit of AED two million should be made as investment fund in UAE and a letter from the Federal Tax Authority confirming that the investor pays the government a tax of at least AED 250,000 a year is required.
  • For real estate investors to get a golden visa for 5 years need a letter from the relevant emirate’s land department certifying that the applicant owns one or more properties worth at least 2 million dirhams.
  • Entrepreneurs who have an active economic project with a minimum investment of AED 500,000 or who have the approval of an authorised business incubator in the nation are eligible for a Golden visa for 5

Those who possess outstanding talent will get a Golden visa valid for 10 years if they follow these criteria:

  • Doctors must get a letter of authorization from UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention to practise medicine.
  • Scientists must be recognised by the Emirates Science Council or be recipients of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Award for Scientific Excellence.
  • Cultural and artistic innovators must have accreditation from the emirate’s department of culture and the arts.
  • A letter of recommendation from the General Sports Authority or one of the sports councils is necessary for an athlete.
  • For engineering specialists (software, mechanical, electrical, etc.), a copy of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree certificate that has been certified by the ministry of education, as well as a job contract.
  • In the case of inventors, a letter of recommendation from the Ministry of Economics stating that your invention has improved the country’s economy is required.
  • In the case of Executive Directors, a copy of a university bachelor’s degree certificate approved by the Ministry of Education and an experience of at least 5 years. Also, a legal employment contract and a salary certificate showing a salary of at least AED 50,000 are needed.
  • Frontline heroes who put out great effort during emergencies, like the COVID-19 epidemic, may also qualify for the Golden visa with a recommendation from a qualified official.

Required documents

In order to get UAE Golden visa, certain supporting documents are required other than the eligibility criteria.

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Certificate of non-marriage for children over 18 years of age
  • No criminal record certificate from the parent nation
  • Medical insurance
  • Medical fitness certificate
  • Photo
  • Current UAE Visa

Eligibility criteria

The UAE authorities recently announced another addition to the list of eligible categories for the Golden Visa. Each category of eligible individuals needs to satisfy certain criteria.

  • Students who have excelled academically and received high grades in secondary schools or universities in the UAE are also eligible to apply for the 10-year Visa or the Golden Visa programme.
  • For exceptional talents, the only criterion is talent regardless of education, salary, etc.
  • Individuals with specialised skills need an accreditation from their respective departments and fields to receive golden visa.
  • Investors and entrepreneurs they need to make investments worth AED 5-10million.
  • The bachelor’s degree or an equivalent is minimal education.
  • Families of these categories are also eligible.

How to apply for a UAE Golden Visa? Online & Offline Procedure

  • Anyone can apply through the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) or the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship- ICA (e-channel)
  • Only online applications are accepted by ICA. GDRFA supports both online and offline applications.

Online application through ICA guidelines:

  • Visit the ICA’s official website.
  • Choose ‘Golden Residency services’. Select “Visa to finalise the Procedures of Golden Residency.
  • Fill the required information and submit the documents.
  • Remit service fee. Before completing the application process, people must wait for the approval.

Online application through GDRFA

  • Go to the GDRFA Dubai website.
  • From ‘Services’, select ‘Residency Services’ and then “Residency Visa”
  • Click on the desired Golden visa from the list.
  • Click “Start Service” and log in. Provide the required documents and important information.
  • Pay the service charges. The relevant authorities will examine the application and notify applicants about the next steps.

Offline application through GDRFA

  • Visit the authorised typing centres. Here, experts can type and complete your visa application using the relevant emirate’s ID. If it is approved, you will be informed and issued the original entry permit.

 Cost & Approval time

The cost of the UAE Golden Visa depends on the kind of service and visa category. The price of the Golden Visa will range from AED 2,800 to AED 3,800 for those applying from UAE. It will cost between AED 3,800 and AED 4,800 for those who apply from outside the nation.

The 10-year Golden Visa application price has increased from AED 50 to AED 150. The candidate will have to pay about Dh1,000 for a medical check-up and a processing fee for an Emirates ID. They also need to get UAE health insurance, which starts at AED 800 and varies.

Depending on the number of applications, the processing and approval time for the application of the UAE Golden Visa is around 30 days.

Advantages and disadvantages of a golden visa

  • A 10-year renewablelong-term residency permit with multiple-entry entrance visa.
  • A self-sponsored visa
  • No necessity to stay in UAE to maintain the validityof the visa
  • Sponsoring their family members including kids, irrespective of their ages
  • Sponsoring a number of household helpers like nannies, drivers etc.
  • UAE Golden Visa holders in Dubaireceive the Essad Privilege Card, which offers significant discounts in the UAE and 92 other countries.

With all the benefits mentioned above, the UAE Golden visa has one disadvantage.

  • It does not provide citizenship. The visa can be extended multiple times, and after 30 years, you can try to seek citizenship. But, there are no assurances.


  1. Who is eligible for UAE golden visa?

Inventors, entrepreneurs, researchers and specialised talents in different fields of science and technology(doctors, engineers, artists), and highly talented students with promising scientific capacities (high school and university students) are eligible for UAE Golden visa.

  1. Is the engineer eligible for a golden visa?

Yes. An engineer with a copy of a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree certificate certified by the Ministry of Education, a valid work contract and a minimum of 5 years of experience is eligible.

  1. How to apply for UAE Golden visa for professionals?

UAE Golden visa can be applied through the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) or the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship- ICA (e-channel).

  1. How much does UAE golden visa cost?

The cost of the UAE Golden Visa depends on the kind of service and visa category. It ranges from AED 2,800 to AED 3,800 for those applying from UAE and for those who apply from outside the nation costs between AED 3,800 and AED 4,800.

  1. Is UAE Golden Visa worth it?

Yes. The UAE Golden visa is a renewable 10-year residency permit. With this visa, one can sponsor their family members and many domestic workers. It is a self-sponsored visa and there is no need to remain in UAE during this visa period.

  1. What are the disadvantages of a golden visa in UAE?

There is only one disadvantage it does not provide citizenship. The visa can be extended multiple times, and after 30 years, you can try to seek citizenship. But there are no guarantees.


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