Monday , September 16 2019

Latest Alokozay Jobs in Dubai

The Alokozay Group of Companies (AGG) is the leading multinational FMCG company in the ISC. There are 40 countries in Middle East, Central Asia, Asia, Europe, Africa and North America and have a wide distribution network. FMCG products including coffee, tea, soft drinks, biscuits, potato chips, condensed milk, chewing gum, tissues, dyed clothing, hair products, toothpaste, soap, lotions, detergents, tissue etc. C. The company also owns production, distribution, logistics and warehousing facilities.

Career at Alokozay

There is no doubt that our work force, which defines our victory. We have been able to stand up to our maximum strength of “achievement of what is possible tomorrow”, bringing together the mood that they love to do.

You can also become part of this extraordinary team.

Become part of the world’s most successful FMCG companies and work with the most exciting brands in the market.
Take part in the team with inspiration, smart and professional colleagues;
Make endless career enhancement opportunities to get your dreams;
Be proud with our social and economic vision; And
An encouraging, inclusive, welcoming workplace situation that is considered by individuals to be their most important asset.

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