Latest Singapore Airlines Jobs in Singapore January 2019

Depending on your experience and skills, you will be assigned to relevant positions within the company. If you are proactive, possess good networking skills and have prior sales experience, for example, you may join us as a Global Accounts Manager where you’ll carry out market research and contribute ideas to improve corporate sales efficiency.

We are looking for fresh graduates with specialised degrees like IT, Engineering, and Accountancy or those with prior experience in Finance, IT or Law to apply for our Executive (Specialist) positions. You could be our next Technical Services Engineer, Accountant, Legal Counsel or Internal Auditor.

Accountant / Assistant Manager Executive Cabin Crew Business Technology
Accountant / Assistant Manager Revenue Accounting Executive Cabin Crew Rostering
Assistant Manager Benefits Executive Cargo Operations Development
Assistant Manager Crew Recruitment Executive Crew Systems
Assistant Manager Fraud Management Executive Customer Contact Services (Special Projects)
Assistant Manager Legal Executive Customer Services and Admin (Cargo)
Assistant Manager Recruitment Executive E-Commerce Logistics
Associate (Procurement Contract Management) Executive Flight Safety
Associate Flt Ops Safety & Security Executive Key Accounts & Verticals (Cargo)
Associate Ground Experience Development (Altea CoE) Experience Design Manager / Senior Manager
Associate Overflight Flight Controller
Beverage Manager Flight Operations – Evidence Based Training (EBT) Executive
Brand Marketing Executive Flight Operations – Executive (E-Ops & Systems)
Business Analyst – HR Systems & Processes Flight Operations – Flight Services (Dispatch) Executive
Business Analyst (Cargo IT Projects) Flight Operations – System Analyst (Crew Management Systems)
Business Analyst (Safety, Security & Environment) Flight Operations Data Analyst
Cargo Hub Operations Duty Manager Flight Operations -Data Analyst (Evidence Based Training)
Cargo Reservations Executive Flight Operations Safety & Security Executive (Data Analysis & Human Factors)
Cargo Safety and Security Systems Executive Global Account Manager (Agency Sales)
Construction Consultant (2 years contract) Global Account Manager (Corporate Sales)
Contact Centre Manager (Systems) Global Sales – Assistant Manager Sales Excellence (Sales Process Optimisation)
Contracting Management & Workforce Management Analyst Global Sales – Manager Sales Excellence
Contracting Management Demand Analyst Executive Global Sales – Sales Excellence Executive (Salesforce)
Corporate Sales – Account Manager Head Human Capital Analytics
Customer Affairs Manager Head of Contracting Management
Customer Care Manager (Operations) Human Capital Analytics Business Analyst
Customer Experience Management Executive (Systems) Human Capital Analytics Business Analyst/Modeler
Customer Service Officer (Call Centre) Human Capital Analytics Info Management
Design & Branding Executive Agile Technical Coach
Design Peer Reviewer (2 years contract) Application Developer (Customer Experience)
Digital Marketing Executive (Marketing Technology) Applications Delivery Lead (Cargo)
Direct Entry First Officer Applications Delivery Lead (Customer Service)
Direct Entry Second Officer Applications Delivery Lead (Passenger Servicing Systems)
E-Commerce and Distribution Analyst (Channel Optimisation) Applications Developer (Blockchain)
E-Commerce Logistics Executive (Cargo Sales & Operations) Applications Developer (Datagrid)
Employee Engagement Executive (Communications) Applications Developer (Sharepoint)
Employee Engagement Executive (Projects & Events) Applications Domain Expert (Customer Experience)
Associate Material Management Applications Domain Expert (Digital/Website)
Maintenance Controller Applications Domain Expert (Engineering)
Strategic Sourcing Executive Applications Domain Expert (Flight Management)
Technical Services Engineer Applications Domain Expert (Merchandising, Digital Marketing)
Technical Services Engineer (Aircraft Sales) Applications Domain Expert (Procurement & Engineering)
Technical Services Engineer (Avionics) Applications Domain Expert (Revenue & Planning)
Technical Services Engineer (Cabin Interiors) Applications Domain Expert (Revenue Management)
Technical Services Engineer (Technical Projects) Applications Domain Expert (Robotic Process Automation)
Information Technology – Data Architect Applications Domain Expert (SAP)
  Information Technology – Applications/Integration Architect