Latest Government Jobs in Abu dhabi

Jobs Abu Dhabi mission is to enable the modernization of recruitment for Abu Dhabi jobs market, specifically public, semi-government and federal entities through the use of information technology solutions. In additions, Jobs Abu Dhabi has a great positive impact on the Abu Dhabi based private sectors as well. It helped bridging the gap between candidates and the private sectors.also driven to enlighten the Abu Dhabi 2030 mission and vision to be in the top 5 E-Governments around the world.

Job Title Job Location
School Development Program Manager Abu Dhabi
Senior Specialist -“ Performance Management Abu Dhabi
Senior Specialist -“ Strategic Planning Abu Dhabi
Senior Inspector Specialist Abu Dhabi
Inspection Program Manager Abu Dhabi
Support Specialist Abu Dhabi
Consultant Internal Medicine Hospitalist (Government Hospital) Abu Dhabi
Consultant Accident & Emergency Medicine (Government Hospital) Abu Dhabi
Recruitment Officer Abu Dhabi
Manager Systems and Applications Abu Dhabi
Strategy Specialist Abu Dhabi
Systems Analyst Abu Dhabi
Specialist, Compensation and Benefits Abu Dhabi
Project manager-Expert Abu Dhabi
Reporter/Correspondent – محرر/مراسل Abu Dhabi
Digital Graphic Designer – مصمم جرافكس رقمي Abu Dhabi
Chief Editor – News Abu Dhabi